My Paranormal Life – Part 1

22 July 2021 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My paranormal experiences have been strange but scary and started at a young age, I was twelve years old when my first experience happened and it to this day continues now that I am thirty-six years old.

The first night this happened, we were returning home from Mcdonalds and it was the first night I felt normal as my dad passed in front of me earlier in the year while we were homeless and now towards the end of summer we had a house and my mother was working and we were slowly piecing our life together. When we got home from eating, I was sitting in the front room watching tv and I started hearing something that sounded like someone was walking in the attic but I knew this wasn’t possible because it was just an attic and didn’t have a floor. It just had the wood rungs spaced apart and my mom asked what that was and fearing that someone broke in we called the police department.

After the officer went into the attic and verified it was empty he was talking to my mom when the footsteps started again and the look on this man’s face was priceless as another officer asked are you sure it was cleared and you checked everywhere? The officer replies with there are no rooms up there it is just insulation and wood studs that is all and the other officer investigates and states yeah it is clear and they just say if anything else happens just call us and we will be back out.

The next experience was interesting as my mom and I were in her room talking and we heard this loud bang from the front of the house. We were the only ones home as my brothers and sister were out with friends in the neighborhood and I just thought one of them came home to cook something. When we went to the front room we noticed in the kitchen every single pot and pan on the floor and it seemed like they fell out with force as one was all the way across the kitchen. I started to get a bit worried as there was nothing that could explain this as my mother did the dishes the night prior and if it was unsteady why did it fall the next day towards the evening.

Later that night it was weird roughly around 9pm. I heard this banging noise that sounded like someone was drumming but the noise was coming from outside and it sounded like it was on the side of the house. Instinctively, I walked outside to see what it was and there was nothing so I went back inside the home and sat down and then the noise started again but louder and sounded like the drumming was someone beating on the side of the house. So I went back outside a bit pissed off that someone was playing a prank and I was going to catch them but no one was there and after that night the drumming noise never happened again.

Submitted by Geoffrey Nease

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