Am I Haunted?

01 May 2017 | Audible Activity, Haunted houses, Poltergeist, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My story begins when I was eight years old and my mother was cleaning the back half of the house. As she was coming to the front, I heard her tell my brother to shut the door if he was going to use the restroom and then she walked on like nothing happened. She reached the front room and stopped dead in her tracks and said to my brother who was there with me “How did you get out here so fast.” I asked “Who were you talking to mom?” and she said “I was talking to your brother.” I now think that my mother saw my brothers’ doppleganger.

When I was twelve, we moved to a new house. The first night there, we had to call the police department because we could hear something walking in the attic (the attic opens up in my closet), the police came out and went up into the attic but nothing was up there – not even an animal. Now, the house was built for us so it was young and it had no exterior holes for an animal to enter or escape.

Another time, my mother and brother were at home watching a movie while I was out with friends. I was sixteen at the time and we had one of them old school big screen projection TVs. My brother noticed someone sitting in the hallway – a dark figure. My mother then also saw it and realizes that my brother had also seen it. When they looked down the hallway though, nothing was there. Another time, I had a date at the house and we were sitting on the couch watching a movie. I started to feel odd and she was a bit uneasy as well. After roughly an hour, my remote fell off the couch by itself. Actually, it fell off strangely almost flying off the couch and landing in the center of the living room. She got really uneasy then asking me to walk her home.

Around this time, I would wake up in the middle of the night, hearing what sounded like someone pacing in the hallway. You could hear the swooshing noise pants make when rubbing together but no one would be there. However, the second you laid down again noise would start back up.

I had several friends who hated sleeping over. They felt uneasy and were all scared of my closet. Towards the end of living in that house, you would hear noises like someone hitting the wall but as if they were actually in the walls or outside. Water turned on in the bathroom that we never used and was locked up. You would come home to pans all over the floor as if someone had thrown them out of the cabinets. We decided to move and went many years without further incident.

I have been in my current home for three years now and my backyard scares me it is very dark – almost darker than it should be. At night, I can hear someone in the attic walking around and it’s a loud walk, almost like walking in a heavy boot. Sitting in the living room, I can see things moving in front of the window to the backyard out of the corner of my eye but never actually see anything head on. One night, I heard someone walking around my yard and asking me if I would help them. I went outside to see who it was and nobody was there! Another night I thought I saw someone standing in the living room. I had this horrible feeling of dread that almost makes you feel sick to your stomach and it took me thirty minutes to get up enough courage to get out of bed to make sure no one was in my home. Nobody was there of course. Finally my animals react to the noises as well – they run and hide when they hear the walking and they won’t sit in the back window during the night.

I feel as if I’m haunted and I have no clue if that is possible, but I have had these things happen since that day when I was eight years old with my brother.

Submitted by Geoffrey

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