Ouija Halloween

21 May 2018 | Haunted houses, ouiji boards, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

There were always signs in our old house that it was haunted. Before mom, dad and I lived there, it was owned by my great grand ma and grand pa Nana and Dee which whom passed away when I was very young and that we believed haunted the house. Some of the strange happenings were disembodied voices (which my mom claimed sounded like Nana), things disappearing only to be found later in the spot it was missing, leaving the house for errands to find the bath tub filled with water and wet foot prints on the floor, distorted faces reflecting in windows and in mirrors and the feeling you have when someone sits on the edge of the bed, but no one is there, to just name a few.

I had never really felt threatened or too creeped out in the house, except for one room that always made me uncomfortable, the middle room. The middle room was basically a room that had a computer and other office like materials in it where I would play computer learning games or find a book to read. Whenever I was in the middle room, I would have this feeling of unease and someone watching me, but I never made much of it. There was one time however on Halloween that was different. My family has always gone full tilt for Halloween. Everything from decorating to pumpkin carving and of course our annual Halloween party, which included a haunted back yard.

The haunted back yard was a kind of haunted trail where guests that were invited were guided through a maze of scary props dad and I would put out there. We also had all types of entertainment inside the house which would entertain the guests as they waited for the tour such as food, games, a palm reader and Ouija board. The Ouija board was located in the middle room, which was set up kind of like a gypsy tent. In the back, was a projector that my dad set up that projected an image of my mother’s face onto a Styrofoam head making it look like it was floating as well as a hand full of other decorations. To the left of the room covered with a dark table cloth and two lit candles was an old card table with the Ouija board on top of it. I had never really played with the Ouija before and thought it more of a joke than anything else (being distributed by Hasbro a known company for kid board games), but of course there was a cute girl there at the party that wanted to play it so as any red blooded 11 year old boy would do, I obliged her.  Joining us in the room were about 3 other people about our age observing us use the board. We started at first asking questions like is there a spirit here and how did you die, the planchette would move around spelling out random answers and we would laugh and comment on the answers not taking it seriously.

Keep in mind I thought all this time she was moving the planchette until I asked what the spirits name was and it slowly spelled out NANA. I freaked out. There was no way this girl new what we called my great grandma or that our house was haunted, my family never spoke of it. She could tell my mood had changed immediately when this happened. With our fingers resting on the planchette we asked one more question, Are you in heaven? As fast as we asked the question, the planchette shot toward goodbye and all at once the candle blew out, the closet closest to the Ouija board collapsed onto the table and all of the kids in that room ran the hell out of there screaming.

Rest assured I never touched a Ouija board again.

Submitted by Blake Lacy to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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