April 2016

Something Grabbed My Ankles!

30 April 2016 | April 2016

I was  sleeping peacefully when I was awakened by what felt like two hands gripping my ankles and pressing them down onto the bed making me unable to move my feet. Thinking I was about to be raped by intruders, I screamed and was yelling and I tried kicking my feet but could barely move. In a panic, I started swinging my fists through the air and struck nothing. As my eyes adjusted to the morning light in the room, I paused, catching my breath. Still and silent. I glanced quickly around the room. There was no one there. I could still feel the tight grip on my ankles and I tried to move my feet but couldn’t. I took a deep breath and screamed my son’s name as I

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The Haunted Workshop

29 April 2016 | April 2016

The story I’m telling you today happened to me a couple of years ago and it is true. I live in South Africa –  Pretoria. My friend had phoned me one day telling me that I could get a job in Cape Town as a panel beater.  The pay was unbelievable and I bought my airline ticket, went for the job interview and got it.  The only problem was that I didn’t have a place to stay so my friend told me that I could stay in his workshop for a couple of days until I was sorted with a place. When I arrived at his place, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t too bad.  It had a bed, shower and toilet and a kitchen. It happened that first night when I was staying

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Have You Ever Seen Your Doppelganger?

28 April 2016 | April 2016, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I couldn’t sleep one night, and it was fairly late. So I decided to go and sit outside on the porch. No one was outside, until she saw a young girl walking down the street. I thought it was unusual for a girl to be out so late—but I decided she must have been returning home from her boyfriend’s house, or from a party. I couldn’t really make the figure out until she came in front of the house. The girl seemed to be staring into nothing. But when she reached the end of our driveway, she stopped and stared directly at me. It was then and there that I could make out her appearance. She looked exactly like me. With my hair, eyes, skin, body, everything was exactly the

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The Paranormal House of Uncle Bud

26 April 2016 | April 2016, Your True Encounters

The first time my Uncle Bud felt anything was the week he moved in, he says she was taking a shower and all of a sudden felt as if he was being watched, so he jumped out got dressed and went downstairs to see if someone had come into the house while he was showering. He saw nothing. A few weeks later he was spending time with his girlfriend when they heard footsteps on the stairs. They described them as heavy footsteps, and even went so far as to turn their music down to hear them. My uncle thought it must be the house settling—but he admitted that he had never heard anything like it in his life. The steps went on for about two hours, off and on. A

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Weird Darkness Episode

26 April 2016 | April 2016, My Haunted Life Toosdays

#WeirdDarkness EP051: The Boneyard * My Driving Angel * Ghostly Angel * Ghost Writer * Grandma’s Ghost and the Babysitter * The Farmer’s Daughter http://www.WeirdDarkness.com If you like the show, please consider becoming a patron and receive exclusive weird content and merchandise, shoutouts on social media, be eligible for monthly giveaways, become a producer of the show, or even be an advertising sponsor. Get the details by clicking the Patreon button at http://wwwWeirdDarkness.com. Do you have dark tale to tell? We’re looking for personal paranormal or strange experiences, original dark and weird stories of fiction, links to your favorite creepypastas you’d like to hear narrated, strange tales from wartime, or whatever else you’d like to send. We always credit the authors, or you can submit your story and ask to

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22 April 2016 | April 2016

This story of mine takes place in the house we moved to a few years ago. We live in Michigan and I live with my parents. I thought for years that I had been hearing things, but I’ve been researching the paranormal and it seems that much of what I have been experiencing has been experienced by others. I would be on my own in the house usually upstairs and would hear my parent’s car park up by the house, I hear the sound of them opening the car doors, then I’d hear footsteps and I’d hear them open and shut the front door and call up to me telling me they are back which they always do. I call down to say I’ll be down to them in a

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No Trespassing

21 April 2016 | April 2016

One evening, while I my wife and I had dinner at my parents in-law, in the dying light of dusk, I saw clearly a man wearing a red, white and a dark checkered shirt passing by outside of the kitchen window by the driveway towards the garage. I told my father in-law about what I just saw, but he seemed skeptical; he took a rod along, and the three of us went outside to check it out even though I had told him that was highly likely to be a ghost, not a trespasser. My wife believed me, but she took her courage to follow us outside. Of course, we saw nothing in or around the garage! That was the first time I saw a ghost outside his house. At

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A Haunted Mobile Home

21 April 2016 | April 2016

A few years ago I retired and wanted to move to a mobile home. After years of working in the city I really did want to just move to the country and live a peaceful life. We decided to make the move and took ownership of a mobile home in Utah. The mobile home itself dates from the 1960’s and has been well kept. I saw no problems buying it, and has been a sound investment. Except that it’s haunted. Since we moved in we have seen strange shadows, we’ve had strange voices calling out in the home. We’ve had the oven turning itself on, we’ve had the trailer rocking from side to side. I’ve also been unable to get a constant signal on my cell phone and we only

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A New Episode of Weird Darkness – My Haunted Life Toosdays

20 April 2016 | April 2016, My Haunted Life Toosdays

A Weird Darkness fan has the unpleasant feeling of someone constantly watching from the shadows. A young boy’s legs are grabbed in the middle of the night and he’s pulled down the bed. A woman finds herself face to face with the Holy Mother of God And another fan finds themselves in what can only be described as a very “jacked up” house. … So sit back, turn down the lights, and come with me into the Weird Darkness!   If you like the show, please consider becoming a patron and receive exclusive weird content and merchandise, shoutouts on social media, be eligible for monthly giveaways, become a producer of the show, or even be an advertising sponsor. Get the details by clicking the Patreon button at http://wwwWeirdDarkness.com. Do you

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The Staring Child

19 April 2016 | April 2016

The house I am currently living in is pretty old, but I wouldn’t call it ancient. It’s just an old house, in a very old neighbourhood. I have lived here for twenty years and I’ve got a lot of stories about this house. Both my father, and I, have both witnessed things here that the average mind couldn’t comprehend. From a man walking through walls, to the sound of children singing in the basement. We stopped even bothering trying to work out what was behind all of these happenings. I have had the feeling of being watched in this house since I was six, or seven, years old. I can’t see anything most of the time—but I know something is watching me. I ignore it as much as I can.

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The Dream

18 April 2016 | April 2016

A few years ago, my then husband woke up very agitated. He never dreamed and if he did, he could never recall any of them. This particular morning however, he recalled a vivid dream in which a close relative had passed away. I reassured him that probably all was well but not 30 minutes later, we received a phone call confirming that the relative had passed away during the night. Submitted by Katka.

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The Light of the Virgin

16 April 2016 | April 2016

Many years ago, I had a boyfriend in Vienna and would sometime stay with him in his apartment. It was an old building and the apartment next door had been occupied by a very old lady who had just passed away. This one evening, I was staying there alone. I went to bed and switched out the lights. It was very dark as it was a gloomy apartment anyway with very thick curtains. I soon got to sleep but was awakened in the middle of the night by a bright light. To my utter amazement, the light seemed to emanate from a picture of the virgin Mary on the wall between the bedroom and the old lady’s apartment next door. I stared and watched this for some time before becoming

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Pulling One’s Legs

15 April 2016 | April 2016

I used to live with another family sharing the house of my grandparents where I have experienced numerous unworldly encounters. The other family slept in a large room in the house, adjacent to our bedroom. One morning the mother of that family told us that one of her three sons sleeping in the largest bed in the room had been grabbed by the legs, and pulled down half-way off the bed the night before! Unfortunately, he did not see the doer. By the time he was startled by the pulling, and woke up, he already found his legs on the floor! Such prank was done more than once to more than one of her sons. Having no sorcerer to exorcize that spirit, her sons had to continue biting the bullet.

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The Haunted House That Jack Built

14 April 2016 | April 2016

Our house was built by a man called Jack. Nothing in this house was done properly, and Jack died before he could do anymore work. The floors were uneven, the cabinets, walls and doors were all crooked. It’s not a nice house to look at—but that didn’t bother me. I had just gotten divorced and Jacks daughter had invited me to live in her father’s old house. I was happy to oblige. The first night I spent there was uneasy. The closet in my room gave me a really strong vibe. But you always think that about a new house, don’t you? There’s spooks in every new thing we do. Whenever I was in the kitchen I felt like I was being watched. I constantly felt terrified in the basemen.

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My Haunted Life Toosdays – Hand in the Dark and other Stories

13 April 2016 | April 2016, My Haunted Life Toosdays

Welcome to My Haunted Life Toosday on “Weird Darkness.” In this episode… A ghostly crying woman acts as a spectral protector for a teenaged girl. (Crying Lady) A woman receives unnatural acting flowers from a former flame. (The Ex’s Flowers) A poltergeist plays havoc with a man’s sanity. (Something Strange is Going On In My House) A hotel room quickly becomes unbearable with eerie noises. (I Couldn’t Stay) The days of Segregation continue to live in a Baltimore, Maryland home. (A View Of a Lake) An an antique clock becomes a portal for the dead. (The Ghost in the Clock) And I will end this episode with a personal experience – something that happened to me just last night. (Hand in the Dark) So sit back, turn down the lights,

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