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Is My House Haunted?

17 March 2016 | March 2016, Uncategorized

Several years ago, I moved into a four-bedroom house that my brother had just vacated. After a few weeks, strange things started to happen. At first, I thought I could always see a little girl’s shadow following my oldest son, who was 11. My second youngest son, who was eight at the time, slept in a room alone. There was always a strange presence in the room when we walked into it. She also owned a doll, and every time at around 2pm it started talking on its own, even when it was turned off. Many times when I left my bedroom door, I could hear people talking, and I would see strange lights on my door. They seemed to be the kinds of lights you would get if the

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The Strange Voice

16 March 2016 | March 2016

I have always been a little “different,” as some of my friends and family might say, but I have had some very interesting experiences! My first experience, that to this very day I still do not understand, happened when I was about six years old. My Dad had just put me down to sleep in my bedroom when I started to hear a voice. The voice was always the same: calm and, almost seemed, friendly. It would ask me, “Jump up the wall with me.” Meaning, up the wall in my bedroom. So I was basically jumping against the wall. I then would feel hands pulling me up and down and I would laugh, and so would the voice. Soon, the voice was asking me to do even more strange

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All New My Haunted Life Toosdays…

16 March 2016 | March 2016, My Haunted Life Toosdays

The latest scary episode of Weird Darkness narrated by Darren Marlar using stories from this site….  

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Mysterious Thing

12 March 2016 | March 2016

While my brother was staying with me, we both just slept in my bed in my room. After we had both gone to bed and I was in a deep sleep, I suddenly snapped awake and couldn’t move. It felt like I had a something akin to an elephant standing on top of my chest. I opened my eyes wide and saw this vague black figure lying on top of me, holding me into the bed. It seemed weightless, but felt heavier than anything I’ve ever known. I tried desperately to scream, and to be honest, I’m not so sure a noise even managed to escape my mouth. The figure opened what seemed to be its mouth showing these strange razor sharp teeth, it then screeched in my face, and

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Fancy Dress Ghost Horror

10 March 2016 | March 2016

I was at a fancy dress party – everything was fine and people were having fun. I was wearing in a detective costume and my friend was in a knight uniform. All of a sudden it went dark and me and my friend were the only people in the room. Then a boy came down the stairs with a knife. I said “KNIFE costume,” and my friend laughed. The boy said “I’m gonna cut you.” Well, as you can imagine, I was weirded out by this as we had not seen the boy at the party at all. He ran at us and I pushed him away. He disappeared and the lights went off. I heard a the sound of a knife cutting. Then the lights came back on and everyone

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My God Experience In McDonalds

07 March 2016 | March 2016

I worked in a McDonald’s at night. One night when no one was in the restaurant apart from me and a couple of other workers,  a man that smelt of pee walked in the door. He had white hair and he was wearing white clothes. He ordered a Big Mac and gave me a tip of 100 Pounds then he left. I looked out the window and saw a white beam shine down on him and then he just disappeared. Submitted by Jack.

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Ghost GIF Fun and Fear!

06 March 2016 | March 2016

This is a fun gif… for a scary ghost stories website.

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The Man In The Ambulance

06 March 2016 | March 2016

Im 30 years old  now but this experienced happened to me when I was 21. Just 2 days after my birthday in fact!  I was working for a fast food joint as a driver making deliveries. I went out on a delivery that day and on my way back to the office, a bus skipped a traffic light and hit me and my motorcycle on the side. When I woke up, the back wheel of the bus was pressing against my side and I was laying there under the bus in pain.  All of my fingers on one hand were pointing in the wrong direction and that freaked me out. Out of nowhere, this small girl was sitting with me underneath the bus and talking to me just saying “You

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Don’t Go Into That Old Warehouse… We Did… And We Shouldn’t Have

03 March 2016 | February 2016

After hearing that there was an old warehouse outside of town, six of my friends and I decided to go out there and see what we could find. We all had an interest in the paranormal, and this was a good opportunity to see something. We arrived at the site and went through the first three buildings really just having a good time. We entered the fourth building and the walls were covered in graffiti, quite strange graffiti really. After being in there for a while, pieces of concrete started to fall, or so we thought. We later realized that it was rocks that were hitting the wall before the ground, which lead us to the conclusion that they were being thrown. It was at this point that we got

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My Haunted Life Toosdays – Latest Issue

03 March 2016 | February 2016, My Haunted Life Toosdays

Here, a little late, is the latest awesome issue of Weird Darkness’ My Haunted Life Toosdays featuring content from this site… enjoy and let Darren know you loved it!

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Ghostly Big Band

01 March 2016 | March 2016

In the early 80’s, a close friend of my husband’s came to visit us from California. He stayed for a couple of months and was helping my husband do some garden work. One day he stopped and went into the garage to pick out a tool for my husband. I was outside sitting, watching them men work—my husband’s friend called from the garage. “Who is the Glenn Miller fan?” he called out. My husband and myself turned to the garage and then looked at each other. “Neither of us, “I called back. “Can you get me some more iced tea?” We didn’t get a reply. My husband went into the garage and saw his friend searching around for the source of this old, crackly big band music. Neither of them

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Whose Face Was It?

29 February 2016 | February 2016

The only experience I have ever had was when I was a student living in digs. It was a dark and gloomy sort of Victorian tenement place always cold and damp. I had a small room at the front of the house next door to the bathroom. One evening, I was in the bathroom getting ready to go out and when I looked in the mirror, the person looking back wasn’t me. I jumped as you might imagine in shock. It was a surreal experience as the person in the mirror was an old man and he peered at me even after I jumped in shock. We stared at each other for what seemed an eternity and was probably no more than a few seconds before he disappeared and my

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A Churchyard Visit

27 February 2016 | Creepy places, February 2016

Last year, we visited an area of Prague called Vyshrad. According to Wikipedia, Vysehrad (Czech for “upper castle”) is a historical fort located in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. It was built, probably in the 10th century, on a hill over the Vltava River. Situated within the castle is the Basilica of St Peter and St Paul, as well as the Vyšehrad Cemetery, containing the remains of many famous people from Czech history, among them Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana, Karel Čapek, and Alphonse Mucha. It also contains Prague’s oldest surviving building, the Rotunda of St Martin from the 11th century.Local legend holds that Vyšehrad was the location of the first settlement which later became Prague, though thus far this claim remains unsubstantiated.. I found it a beautiful place, but

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My Haunted Life Toosday’s New Issue

24 February 2016 | February 2016, My Haunted Life Toosdays

Here is the new issue of My Haunted Life Toosdays from our partners at Weird Darkness featuring all its content from this website….. Take a listen and see if your story was included. Don’t forget, submit your story at this site and it too might end up in a future episode of Weird Darkness….. Do spread the word and send this to your friends….

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Unwanted House Guest

23 February 2016 | February 2016

I have always been a little open to, or “aware” of the paranormal since I was very small. My first encounter was when I was 15 years old. I was born and raised in Texas and we used to spend our summer and Christmas holiday breaks at my grandparents’ house up north. Their house was built in the beginning of the 1900s, so when I was a child it was already about 100 or more years old. The floors are extremely creaky and you could hear any footsteps loudly, and clearly. One summer my older brother decided to stay in our apartment in Houston and not go with us to my grandparents’ house, which also meant that I had to sleep alone in the guest bedroom with my mother and

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