Rome Investigatora of the Paranormal starting Lamplight Tours

17 May 2015 | Ghost Tours, Ghosts in the news

ROME — Starting May 29, the Rome Investigators of the Paranormal, or R.I.P., will take guests on a path through Rome’s history as part its new Lamplight Tours.

R.I.P. is offering two walking tours, giving guests the opportunity to learn about Rome’s historic past. These tours are the Friday “Erie” Lamplight Tour and the Saturday Lamplight Tour. Each walking tour will offer its own unique experience.

These two immersive tours will run throughout the summer from May 29 until Aug. 15. R.I.P. will also be offering a third tour starting in the fall, which will be focused on the paranormal. The two-mile walking tours will last approximately 90 minutes. Tickets are currently available online at; adult tickets are $10 and tickets for children under 13 are $6.

The Friday tours will take place under the cover of darkness, blending the history of Rome along with the paranormal side that R.I.P. specializes in. On this tour, guests can expect to hear about the gruesome executions near the courthouse, the murders of soldiers and their families by natives, and the first-hand experience of R.I.P.’s investigation of Fort Stanwix.

For Saturday’s tours, guests will learn about and see some of Rome’s most historical sites. This tour will focus primarily on Rome’s history and will not include any paranormal aspects. This will provide visitors to Rome the opportunity to learn about its history without the chance of being scared. This tour will take visitors back millions of years and guide them up to the present day.

“Rome, NY is a ghost town in every true meaning of that statement in that Romans never give up the past,” said Peter Leonard, co-founder of R.I.P. and local historian. “For any Roman born after 1965, they have no concept of what old Rome looked like, it only exists in pictures now.”

The launch of this tour will allow Romans to experience their city in a whole new light, learning about the hidden darkness that many never experience.

For more information about the Lamplight Tours, call R.I.P. at 315-941-1795 or email [email protected].


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