A Sinister Meeting with A Black Eyed Man

18 October 2016 | Black Eyed Kids, Your Stories

This happened on October 19, 2006 at around 1pm or so. I usually parked my car at a park for my lunch as a lot of people did that day. I had parked on a side of the park where there were no cars near me .. only a truck facing my car from the opposite side. I got an uneasy feeling about the truck & had to move. I moved the car to another spot.

As I sat in my car eating lunch a man walks past my car toward the pond/path then he appears near the front my car hood. I said to myself, “Oh, what an ugly/odd looking person.” It seemed as of he could read my mind as he turned to glare at me with sinister look. His eyes were all black. I thought I was seeing things.

I had to go back to work then. On the way back, a utility truck backed into me and my car was totaled.

I never went back to that area again.

Submitted by Patti

Photo – Eek Scary by Jo Jakeman

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