The Black-Eyed Man Who Wanted Souls In Return For Lindsay Lohan

25 January 2017 | Black Eyed Kids, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I’ve read a lot of your stories about Black-Eyed people and would like to share an experience my brother had some years ago, in Nashville. This is a true story he related to me one night over a beer. My brother is an extremely serious man and I wouldn’t bet against his word.

The story my brother shared with me was about extremely strange, evil, and clairvoyant black-eyed man that he and his friends encountered a few years back in Nashville, TN.

My brother and his buddies were having dinner at a restaurant when a strange man walked into the restaurant and made for their table. At first my brother just thought he was a friendly drunk. He kept his head down, walked erratically and seemed to have no concept of there being other people in the restaurant. This man sat down at their table and tried to make as though he knew what they were talking about. But it was strange — he laughed at all the wrong things, and talked over other people. He seemed to have no concept at all about people.

His appearance was more of a nuisance than anything else at this point, and none of the guys seemed interested in talking to this stranger, but he managed to make his way into their circle. The man seemed to want to just melt into the group. He kept looking towards the door as though he expected someone to come in after him.

My brother said that out of nowhere the mood of this stranger changed completely, and so did the subject matter, as he asked my brother’s friend,

“If I could give you anything, what would it be?”

At first the friend laughed it off, but the stranger let it be known by his tone that he was completely serious, and he asked him again,

“If I could give you anything?”

The friend replied something like,

“I don’t know, man…. Money and Lindsay Lohan as my girlfriend.”

Well, things got weird when the stranger admitted how he could do these things for him in exchange for his soul. He then started openly sharing the details of his possession, and how it was his duty to find a human willing to sacrifice his soul, one person every year or something like that.

My brother noticed his eyes became blackened at some point, and the most indescribable evil aura was around him. The guys were all getting freaked out, yet still thought this guy was probably full of it. The stranger wanted to prove his ability, so he asked the guy to ask him any question about himself and he could answer it. So, my brother’s friend asked,

“Okay, what is my grandma’s name?”

The demon man answered

“Megan Jane Hofstetter.”

Which was, to their amazement, correct! At this point, things were getting strange and it was getting very late. My brother and his friends decided to get the hell out of there. The man didn’t follow them but they couldn’t get him out of their heads that night. All of them dreamed about that man.

The next day they decided to head home and cut their journey short. What stands out most to my brother is the incredibly evil, creepy, strange feeling that he and his friends all witnessed and felt firsthand. I wanted to share this story as it fascinated me for years. The problem is it is very creepy to talk about, but I have this urge, I can’t explain, to talk about it.

Submitted by James Deacon, TN

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