The Black Eyed Beckoning Ghost

02 February 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This took place several years ago, when I was staying with a friend of mine, Monica, and her family in Maine. Her parents had a summer place out there and I would go with them quite often. We were in my friend’s bedroom when I saw something walk past the window. This is a second floor bedroom so I was shocked to see something go past the window. I didn’t get much of a look at it—but I know it was completely white—pale even.

After that I tried to tell myself I hadn’t seen anything. Monica didn’t seem to be bothered by it so we both spent the afternoon reading and talking together.

The next day we were outside and I had forgotten about the bedroom incident. We were in the garden when I felt strange—sick to my stomach. I wanted to go inside straight away. Monica wanted to stay outside but she gave in and we went back to her bedroom. I was looking out of the window when I saw him. A man standing in the garden wearing black, with a black hat, looking up at me in the bedroom. He waved at me and I saw his eyes. They were completely black. After the wave, he lifted the hat off of his head and beckoned me to come to him. I stood completely still and did nothing.

He stood there for a few seconds and then just faded away, still smiling. I didn’t see him again—but I knew he was bad news. The way he waved at me was creepy.

A few years later I asked Monica about that incident and she didn’t seem to remember anything about it. She said that she had never seen any such man in that area. The neighbors were all families. There were few older people in the area. I have no idea who he was, or what he wanted.

Louise Stillman, Florida

PS – An investigation of the black eyed folk leads to some horrifying conclusions.……

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