The Black-Eyed Kid in the Parking Lot

31 March 2017 | Black Eyed Kids, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I was making my way home from college one afternoon, but had to stop off at the store to get some groceries. Everything was normal. It was a bright, sunny day in California. After paying for my groceries I made my way back to my car and found a boy standing by my car. I didn’t pay much attention, unlocked the driver side door and got inside. I rested my groceries on the passenger seat and as I went to start the car the boy turned and tapped on the window.

Looking back, it was almost as though he was frozen—he literally span around when I went to start the car. His tapping on the window was strange too. It was almost in rhythm. I got out of the car and stood across from him. He lifted his head and I could see his eyes. They were black—just like other people have said. He looked to be about twelve years old—and he just stared at me.

I felt absolutely terrified, and got back into the car and tried to start the engine. I don’t know if I could actually hear his voice—or whether he communicated with me another way but he wanted to get into the car. He wanted to go somewhere with me. I started the car, pulled out of the space and headed for the exit. Even though he was just standing there I could still hear him in my head. I know I felt sleepy, my eyelids were extremely heavy, and I couldn’t stay awake. As soon as I got home I went straight to bed and I was late to wake the following morning. I haven’t seen the boy since, but that whole week still seems dreamlike to me.

I saw a story about a Black-Eyed Kid on Facebook a few weeks ago, and wanted to share my story. I think my experience was a little different to others—and would like to know if anyone else has suffered any long-term effect from being around these kids?

Submitted by Ruth Lang, California

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