I’ve seen the Old Hag

17 April 2020 | Haunted houses, Old hag, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I have always been a vivid dreamer for as long as I can remember and can recount dreams from days and even weeks past. I have also had some pretty scary nightmares, but only once in my life have I seen the Old Hag.

About 10 years ago when our eldest daughter was a baby, my husband and I lived in a little split-foyer house In Maryland. He worked long hours in Washington D.C. and I stayed home with the baby. We were both exhausted between his work schedule and being new parents. But even at my most exhausted, I still have difficulties remaining asleep. Any lights and noises will wake me suddenly and fully as I am a very light sleeper. This information is important because Old Hag Syndrome is associated with sleep paralysis, but I was awake when I saw the Old Hag.

I awoke suddenly one night, and propped myself up on my elbow. I was facing towards the center of the bed and my husband. I sat up more fully to look over his sleeping form to check our baby monitor then the time on the alarm clock. This was my typical routine if I awoke in the night. Monitor.
Clock. Bathroom.

At first, I couldn’t figure out what had woken me up. So I figured I would roll over and walk to the bathroom. But then I remember having a feeling like we weren’t alone in the room. I slowly turned toward my left side and saw that someone was standing next to the bed. It looked like a very tall, elderly woman wearing a dark hooded cloak. It had long scraggly white hair, and wrinkled craggy skin. I don’t remember the eyes because what I could focus on, was the impossibly huge mouth with razor sharp teeth. The teeth had rows and rows like a shark. It also had long yellowed, dagger-like claws.

I remember looking at this thing and it looking at me…and I say “it” because it felt like an IT. Like nothing I had encountered before. Then it lunged at me with its arms extended and claws reaching. It was incredibly fast and I started backpedaling across the bed. I was screaming at the top of my lungs and actually climbed backwards over top of my husband waking him up in the process. I was screaming and crying when he woke up and turned the light on and… nothing was there.

I slept even worse after that because I truly felt, deep down in my bones, that this THING would come back for me. I swear on all that is holy that I was awake when I saw the Old Hag. I remember this incident (because I will not say it was a dream) or haunting? like it was yesterday. Even writing this account is making my heart race. I would honestly prefer to never think about it again. When it happened, I could not tell my husband what I saw. It was that terrifying. I fully believe that the Old Hag is a demon of sorts. Not that I’m an expert or anything.

Submitted by Christina Steele


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